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Hi could anyone tell me more info on swaps. I am mainly interested how much about would it cost if I buy a N/A and Put JDM 3S-GTE in it I know a user ishcoleobo have done it some How much did it cost and wich parts extra did he had to get?

Another thing is if I get a Turbo and i deside to swap with JDM Jspec 3S-GTE will it fit right in and would i have to change any computers or any electronics? or wil it just fit in with no problems?

Thanks guys if you can help me.

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Hey... thats me ;)

I was missing...

- Intercooler, piping and fan.
- Air Flow Meter
- Wiring Harness (had it but it was cut)
- Coil/Ignitor
- Turbo Axles
- Exhaust System

I paid something like $2,200 for my clip... and the labor was $800. When all was said and done it ended up costing me about $4,500.

With a complete clip, or a nice half cut.... you would come out better.

Actually... if I would have waited just a bit... the shop that did my swap has 3 - 2nd gen half cuts sitting in their shop. Very very very clean engines. I was really surprised.

EDIT: You will need a new ECU (and wiring harness if you are doing a NA -> Turbo swap).... but that SHOULD come with your clip. If you are doing a USDM to JDM swap... and you don't change the ECU.... you aren't really accomplishing too much.

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Soshin Trade Corp (STC)
California * 1-800-635-1619 No Web Page

Redshift Racing Inc.
British Columbia (Canada)
Jason 604-574-5490 or
Wil 604-299-5283
[email protected]

Go Motors
1-888-4GO-MOTOR (888-446-6686)
[email protected]

Soko Engines
Midwest 1-800-338-7656
Westcoast 1-800-598-3535

K Watanabe Engine Importers
California * 877-592-3644

Japan Direct
[email protected]

Rising Sun Engines
California * (Inside Calif) 888-660-4664 or 530-895-0300
[email protected]

The Place Racing
California * 626-966-4888
Some people have reported slow service from these folks.
[email protected]

HASport Motorsports
Brian Gillespie or Joe
Arizona * 602-470-0065 or 602-470-0789
This *are* the B16 engine folks

Virginia * 703-644-1788 (bad link?)

Nippon Motors
California * 310-331-1588 or 800-416-3626

Import Auto Salvage Larry
North Carolina * 800-962-8922 or 704-756-4002
[email protected]

KMS - Kauffman Motor Sports
Georgia * 770-784-1801 [email protected]

Colorado Japanese Engine Exchange
Colorado * 800-699-9214 I've received word that they no longer deal nice with their customers and don't sell the ZC engine.

SohFast Auto Parts
Blaine, WA
(604) 837-8900
FAX (604) 594 -8940

Midwest Engine Sales E.J.
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