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Engine swap

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Would the supercharged 4a-gze fit in an 89 corolla gts?
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4age 16v
4age 20v

all the A engine blocks will line up with your mounts, wiring is another issue
Thanks, what kind of problems can i expect to run in to with the wiring?
depends on the engine... 4agze, if you look really hard and are willing to spend alot you can get a harness for the ae92 as they came with the 4agze
Just like everyone said.. yes it will, AE92s came with them in Japan, it was called the Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno GTZ

Levin GTZ (notice the top mount intercooler)

Trueno GTZ :wowza:

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You need to talk to Dr.Tweak @ He can most likely build you a harness.
would Toyota Corolla Deluxe (years i forgot) can be fitted by 4AGE cos the body is rather small..else 4EFTE can be fitted?

Thanks for replying.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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