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i want to swap the engine in my 92 corrolla into a 1983 corrolla sation wagon with a manual trans it seem simple but one thing i need to know is if the bell housing for the trans will connect to the engine any help would be nice.
also the engine has some mild mods on it but thier secret:lol:

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I just looked up the 83 wagon, rwd? If so a 4afe might give you some issues in 2 places, like the 20v. Distributor... and coolant hose since it;s a fwd motor they are on the back of the block.

I was thinking the other day a simple way to get around the coolant hose issue... couldn't you use a rwd 4a block and put the internals and head into it? Like I guess thats alot of work but if your building the engine up is it possible to do it (figruing someone here will have an idea on that).

As for the transmission again I KNOW someone here will know this for sure, but I am thinking you will have to use the 4af/4afe clutch and flywheel?

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It also depends on what motor he has, if it's a 3TC I doubt the 4AFE will match up to the bellhousing, if it's a 4AC, it might bolt up probably with minor work.
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