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Engine swap

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Hey, will a 4AGZE fit a '92 Corolla sedan with a 4AFE? I am currently trying to put in a 5AFE cause I blew the 4AFE. I'm just planning my next swap for when I blow this one. Will the auto tranny with the 4AGZE fit the Corolla? I hope atleast one will. Thanks for all the help...
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engine will fit... but it won't be as fun to drive if you slap an auto tranny on it. :)

oh, before your swap, consider where you want the intercooler to be (topmount means cutting a hole in your hood or relocated to the front meaning somewhat gutting your bumper) :)
The only bolt up autobox that will stand up to a GZE is the AW11 auto box. Yes It can fit into your corolla, no it won't bolt straight in, but its not too hard.

And no its not worth the effort if you stay auto, just learn to drive a manual they're more fun anyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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