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engine swap

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I own a 93 Toyota Celica ST, I am wondering if a 3SGTE engine with turbo stock would fit into the engine bay, if so would it be wise to replace the old 4AFE with the 3SGTE turbo engine? Also if I did replace the engine would it be wise to port and polish the exhaust manifold? And all of this can be done somewhere in the price range of 3000-3200.
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Because you have an st, you have to make some custom motor mounts. So I would assume you'd be spending more money than $3200. Then again, with a swap like that, you should always be prepared to spend two to three times the average dollar amount.
Read through some of the threads on

A lot of people on that forum do 3S-GTE swaps.
there is a dude in Houston who did the 3s motor swap to his 92 gts. Talk to him....also i'd stick with 4age for your ST than the 3s motor IMO.
If you wanna go with a 3sgte... sell your ST and buy a GT4 or a GT.... that will make the swap a lot easier. Or you can go with a 4a series motor.... like 4agze or a 20v 4age.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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