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Random question, what are the engine swap capabilities? Just wanna know what can and can’t be done without really going throw a ton of “trail and error” or run around because everything needs modifications to fit / work or install.

I get the fact most engines won’t line up with other engine mounting places due to design and everything, I’m not going to make it to complicated.

If mounting spots are a problem, how hard is it to make your own custom brackets and have it sitting at the right angles it needs and centred properly for the transmission/CV shafts?

But to the point I had an idea which probably has been done, but a 1997 Camry with a 5SFE engine, can be swapped out for a 2AZ-FE???

I’m sure there’s a lot of other things needing to be changed out, or upgraded to make it run as it should but how does the mounting holes line up, and how much modifications are you looking at to put a “faster engine” in but keeping the 1997 Camry body and hopefully suspension.

The less modified to make it work, the better

(Just for the comments
I know also it’s just easier and whatever to put in the same original engine and call it a day, but I’ve always wanted to know how some of the engines line up compared to others, and what swap with the 5sfe engine would be a good swap without a lot of work/headaches or modifications.)

And if modifications are required, how do you figure out the layout and to make sure everything will fit?
I heard it’s not just measure and go either.

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5SFE <-> 1MZFE <-> 3VZFE : stock bolt in mounts/exhaust, stock plug-in wiring/ECU.
3SGTE : custom mounts/exhaust, custom harness, custom CV axle intermediate shaft bearing support. Transmission (stock 5S/1MZ) + CV axles of your choice.
2AZ-FE : possibly bolt on if you use enough 02-03 Solara parts, which came with 2AZ engine in XV20 chassis. This has not been done to the best of my knowledge, because nobody bothers going through the effort just to have a 150hp 4cyl.
2GR-FE : will fit without metal cutting, custom everything, PITA with wiring due to 2GR having CAN-BUS electronics.
Any other engine : check physical dimensions for fitment, custom everything, possibly need to cut and fabricate sheet metal/trans tunnel, etc.

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If you got the skills, knowledge, time, money, resources, and contacts, do whatever you want. If you don't have any of that, then don't waste your time. Is it gonna be hard? Of course it is gonna be hard because it is nearly something no one has done and the ones who have done it aren't here and they likely don't need the help from random people from a forum because they have the skills, knowledge, time money, resources, and contacts to do whatever they need to do.

If you want to do it, that is up to you and only you and figuring out what you have to do assuming you have what is needed to do it. It's no different from any auto show on Youtube, in particular RoadKill and Dirt Every Day. They just do it because they have the skills, knowledge, money, resources and contacts to do it. Time, they technically have as much time as they want.
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