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Swapping a 2JZ into a Tacoma is a *very* custom job - not the kind of thing where you simply follow a set list of instructions. There are multiple non-engine issues that one is likely to have to deal with such as wiring, new engine controller(s), transmission modifications (for mating to engine), shifter relocation, etc., etc., etc. ....

But it *has* been done (on more than one occasion) ...

To see photos of one recent such swap (October 2007), check this thread over at CustomTacos ...

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I definitely would not consider the 4AGE, I can't imagine how slow that would be! A 2JZ would be nice and has been done many times but is a fully custom swap. You also should have a look at the UZ series V8 engines as well as the 1KZ-TE turbo-diesel.

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