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i posted this yesterday, but in the wrong forum, its tuff playin on c/putas when ya got no idea how to drive them, should stick to cars!

i got me a ee90 corolla, running a 2E(carby) eng(1300cc) shes sacked out on some 17's & i've sharpend the interior a bit with some kenwood sounds, re uplhultserd the majority of the int, less dashboard & seats, i'll leave the seats for the pros when i fall into sum more cash,, but the prob i've run into is a new engine, my poverty pack 2E just dont cut it any more, shes havin a few probs turning the 17's, not to mention the valve guides are poked & it leaks like a sive outa the valley cover. my p plate says EKNOUT & it should prob. say FKNOUT coz it is! i'd like to pop in a 4age, or poss. a 4efte (starlet1300 turbo inj) engine, who can tell me what eng. with a little more poke will slot in easy, prefer bolt up to my 5spd, or will i need a new g/box, drive shafts, hubs etc.

theres gotta be an easy way to do this?
anyone know?
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