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Engine Trouble need help asap

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Ok well first thing I’m a very fast driver and my Tercel handles the speed very well for its age. So this morning I was on the highway I was going 150kp/h after passing someone that’s the fastest I hit today. Anyway when I stopped the engine was idling perfect then it made a vibrating sound coming from the timing side of the engine it just about stalled. The engine was chugging then vibrated and perfect idle again and it keeps doing it so I’m looking for some help on this one.
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The timing belt, tension spring, tensioner pulley, and bearing were all replaced less then 40,000 km ago
I suggest do a lowtech aproach first. On my car the ENGINE MOUNT bolt came out and was causing a rattling noise, but no loss of power. Check ur engine mounts. Its ez to put back, just pickup engine from bottom with a tire change thing, and put the bolt back in its place. Might also be something rubbing on engine.

I dont think its mechanical because rattling noise = catastropic failure usualy, since it still drives, i dont think its mechanical. I think its on the outside.

If your rattling was serious It might have been in the timing belt or something, I think the tension would make it snap before making any sounds. If that stuff came apart, you might have the timing belt moving and scraching the plastic timing belt cover, but that wouldnt happen for long, either the plastic would be gone or the timing belt would snap. So i dont think its timing belt at all.

Did u change ur fuel filter? might be not enuff fuel. Might be the ERG or w/e idling system is not working right.

Hope that gives u some thoughts
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it has a brand new fuel filter got it done last month after I gave up on trying to get to the bottom of the old one
LOL yeah i had a mechanic do mine too, with the engine in there, i dont know how the hell they get in there!

Did u check engine mounts? It might also be Idler wheels or their belts. But they would make a belt noise, like mine, with that whirring sound.
have you checked the ps pump, a/c compressor, or alternator yet?? It is possible that if any of the three are failing it could lead to making the idol and noise problem. the heat sheild on my exhaust manifold was lose and rattling when my tercel idoled low. Might just need to clean your throtle body?? it made a huge difference on mine all through the rpm range. I agree with bkftl in saying the rattling noise = catastropic failure if it were internal, gota be something simple. fyi, if you take the whole mount off after gettin the top or outlet line off, you can tilt the filter enough to get the inlet side line off the fuel filter - no special tools or paying someone else to do it required
i've got the base model no power steering or a/c and my alternator seems fine spins really smooth it did it once well I had the hood open and it seemed like it was coming form the main pully right on the engine I always keep my belt tight and its not even a year old
A rattle/knock from a mount,manifold,shield,bracket,line or anything external (besides the water pump or alternator seizing) is not going to cause the eng to try and stall out. BTW how tight are you making your drive belts, over tightening causes bearing failures in water pumps and alternators.
just tight enough to not squeal but not over tight
well my good old Tercel is getting retired i'm going to get a new ford fusion talking to the guy tomorrow so now I will be able to give my Tercel its well needed rebuild
I remember you recently added a PCV valve filter/canister thing with water in it to help your burning oil downhill problem... maybe the engine is pulling in some water or too much vapor, causing it to lug and want to stall breifly?
It was dry well doing that I stoped with the water because I would have to fill it up to much anyway i'm happy with my new car but I will always like my Tercel
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