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Engine will no turn over

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Does anyone know what is causing my 99 Sienna to not turn over?
This has happen twice with in 6 days.
The first time I thought it was the starter, so I had it rebuilt.
But now it is doing it again. It does not do anything, (it's like if it's
not even connected to the battery).
The lights, radio, and everything else turns on, just the engine does not.
I have checked all the fuses that I could find and they are all ok.
Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks
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I have found out what the problem was. It's the neutral safety switch.

What happens is that the switch beging to wear out and does not allow
the transmission to properly reingage. Like all cars, if the transmission
is not in park (or neutral) properly, the engine will not turn on or
even show signs of life.
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