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engine will not start

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07 Camry SE V6

I stopped and turned off the car after a 15min drive for about 1-2min to check my mail, got back in and it wouldn't start.
I keeped gettng a fast clicking sound and then the rear defrost light would start flashing.
What does that light mean?

After tring to start it about 30 times it started back up

Thanks for your help!
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bad starter or weak battery?
Check to see if your battery terminals are clean and not oxidized. It could be they are not making good contact.
Thanks for your post
I brought my car to Sam's Club and they cleaned the connectors and replaced the battery. (They said it was not holding a good charge)
Car is working great now
test your alternator too if it happens with the new battery.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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