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Enging bogging down, sometimes shuts off

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Whats up guys!

Well Ive got a 95 camry as some of you may know and sometimes when I go to accelerate the car seems to bog down and doesnt seem to want to go anywhere at first... It seems like it loses RPM's...

Also, sometimes the car will just shut off if i am parked, or even if i am in drive... or sometimes when i switch gears from drive to park...

Its happened a few times in the middle of the street. Not too fun...

Does seem like the RPM's are low, the car does shake sometimes when its idoling..

What can I do to fix this? Anyting I can put in the gas tank to clean it out? Or should I clean something else?

Any tutorials or something alike would be greatly appreaciated.


BTW its an auto 2200 motor.;)