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Enigmatic Timing? MAF? Electrical? Problem

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I'm wondering if anybody has a clue about what's going on with my 93 4x2 Truck.

One of the truck's previous owners ran it off the road, through a barbed-wire fence and into a plowed field. That may or may not have something to do with my problem. I offer it as background.

I've recently replaced the timing chain, chain guides and chain cover. The chain had eaten the guides and gone through the cover to open a hole to the water pump.

I've replaced the rotor and cap, plugs and wires. (Which seemed to help a little)

MY PROBLEM: the motor skips--when it first starts skipping, it occurs at mid-revs under a load. It seems to occur MORE often in 3rd gear than the others, though that may be because of the mid-rev range of the phenomenon. If the truck was just skipping like that, I could get over it, but eventually, the motor will arbitrarily just stop. I could be driving it or I could have just started it. When I try to restart it, I can only keep the motor running by pumping the gas. The exhaust smells really rich, and at some point I can let it stall out and it'll restart almost normally.

The other day it happened with no warning--one minute I'm driving up a hill, the next, the engine has died. Pump the gas pedal to keep it 'running.' Rich fumes. I had an idea. I checked the air filter. It wasn't dirty enough to cause a problem, but I tried starting the truck with the air box open and the filter out. No change.

Now the hopeful thing--When I replaced the filter and closed up the air box, the motor started and ran famously.

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It happened again this morning. I have taken to leaving 20 minutes early, just in case. About 3 minutes into my commute, the engine sputtered and died. I pulled into a parking lot with the truck pointed slightly downhill.

Hoping to repeat the miracle from the other day, I opened the air box and closed it, tapped on the electronics attached to the air box cover and tried to restart the truck. No dice. BUT, then I turned the key to the off position and retried. VROOM. Despite my happiness at the MUCH shorter stop this time, I'm STILL very frustrated at the crazy randomness of the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do the rest of you agree with SOMETOYOTAGUY? (btw, thanks for your reply)
Are there any check engine lights?
There is a jumper for the fuel pump. The MAF controls the fuel pump, and may be cutting out on you.
No check engine light

There is no check engine light UNTIL it stalls. 'Course then all of the idiot lights come on.
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