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Hi Guys,
Having abit of a problem here.
Truck seems to Idle erraticaly at different times Hi speeds I will get a short drop or stumble.
Sometimes at a stop light Idle feels like it wants to drop out.
Seems better when the motor heats up but still the surging continues.
I have replaced: plugs, Wires, Rotor, Cap, Fuel Filter Engine coolant temp sensor according to my Chilton manual.
No codes are coming Up on my scanner.
I recently seems on heavy acceleration proble is less but still there?
It is worse when I am just feathering the gas though.
I have searched many post on many sites and nothing quite fit my description and most had done the same thing I have.
I had #6 injector port replaced recently because it was not working,
Ran fine for awhile but then this ne problem appeared I have replaced a o2 sensor months ago and I understand that there are two but my scanner would pick up that code and it does'nt.
Truck never over heats and I am at wits end.
I paid Toyota a hefty sum last time and do not want to go back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tom D White III

Blue collar worker.

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I had #6 injector port replaced recently because it was not working,
I had basically all the the same symptoms you listed. :confused: :hammer:

For me it was the #4 cyl. with an error code..

--> Thoroughy check the EFI harness for damage where it runs past the EGR valve.

The EFI wire for cyl 4 got roasted and had to be repaired and the entire harness by the EGR valve got wrapped up with insulation.

Thorougly "Search" for details and other issues :naughty:

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So the saga continues.
Not nearly as bad as before though first day no problems not a sign of surge or drop in idle but today I was driving and it began to feel like a miss every once in awhile I have brand new plugs perhaps I will recheck the gap on them.
I no the repair yesterday near the EGR is taken care of and thourghly insulated.
And the problem is not quite the same.
Seems the computer relearns a problem but gives no codes.
I'll check the Grounds see if there are any issues. Any guesses out there.
It does not miss in idle only under load, so I step on the brake and rev it up 2k and cannot get it to repeat.
Idles perfect in drive and in park do you think
maybe a bad plug , o2 sensors put out codes right ?
And the timinig off by the thinnes of a dime does that matter.
would I see more problems if the timing was off.

Thanks Tom
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