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Error code 25-A/F mix too lean

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Hi, Guys, I need your help now.
My CEL keeps coming on.I really don't know what should I do next. I changed O2 sensor which located before Cat.first,because the wire was broken. It came back,then I changed all 6 plugs and wires,it came back again. I used some fuel cleaner too.I checked intake with WD-40 for leaking,but nothing different was found.Everytime,the code is same-25. I saw sb said dirty MAF sensor could be suspect.I'm going to clean it. Is there anything else i should do? another question I have is A/F ratio could be adjusted on this car easyly?because,I remeber a machenic did sth when I didn't pass the inspection. I'm not sure that is the reason.

CEL comes on sometimes around 300 miles,sometimes around 500 miles and recently just 40 miles after I reset(discon NEG terminal of battery or just pull out EFI fuse).

My car is 92 camry 3vzfe

Thank you guys very much.