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ok guys im about to lose my mind. my girlfriend has a 2002 rav 4 and recently started sputtering. when idling it sputters and runs normal for a few seconds then rpms will drop from 1100 to 8-900 rpms a few times in a matter of seconds then run ok for a few seconds again. also when I am driving down the road the RPM's will jump mid gear like from 2500rpm to 2400rpms and you can feel it sputter when that happens.
at first I thought it was the notorious ECM power supply ports having cracked solder problems and it was messing with the transmission, So I pulled the ECM re soldered the supply ports, it went great, except that wasnt the issue. the car continued to do the same thing.
then I thought well maybe its missing and the spark plugs are dirty or need to be replaced, and maybe I should check the coils too.
Check the coils and checked the spark plugs they are brand new.
then I was like ok well maybe its the fuel filter or dirty injectors, NOPE both of those are fine.
then it started throwing code. P0440 P0441 P0446 all evap and emissions code. so I check every line on the purge solenoid under the hood to check for leaks under a light. all the hoses seem to be in great shape. then went to a state inspection place and had them test my gas cap, it was good.
then I crawled under the car on the creeper and checked all the hoses on the canister and the solenoids and purge valves that are attached to it. they were all good, no damage. then I decided that it HAD to be the charcoal canister itself, talked to a few mechanics and watched you tube videos and decided to just replace the whole thing.
I just a brand new charcoal canister on it with all new hoses. when removing the old hoses charcoal was sprinkling out of the hoses which from what I have read can clog the lines and make your car sputter.
anyway, I put the new canister on and hoses no problem cranked it up and it runs better, still sputters a little when idling (a hell of a lot less than it was) and isnt doing it as much when Im driving. like maybe once every 5 mins (vs 10 times in a few mins like before)
on a video it said to blow out the lines if there is charcoal in the lines when you pull the old one. but I have no idea how to do that. last thing I wanna do is mess something up by blowing air into it.
I need advice.
still throwing code. p0440 p0441 p0446.
what else could make the car sputter and jump around in RPMs like that other than the EVAP system and how do I blow out the lines in the evap system.
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