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Hi all, wanted to share my experience with a pesky check engine light caused by EVAP codes P0440, P0441, and P0446. After much reading, I came across this link ( which says when you get these three codes together the likely cause is the VSV on the canister. I removed the old one (so rusted that I just used pliers to rip it off) and bench tested it with a 9V battery. Sure enough it did not click like the one at the air cleaner. $75 for this part no. (90910-12264) from amazon (no you don't have to replace the entire canister assembly like Toyota says) and problem solved. Just reconnect the hoses, plug it in, and tie-wrapped the new valve in place. Took a few days for EVAP system to show ready and no more trouble codes. No more emissions test worries.

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