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I have a manual 2006 Scion TC. There are two engine codes appearing: p0441 and p0455. Also, I noticed my RPM engine isn't how it normally sounds as I hear a change in the RPM. The engine sound gets a lot higher when I am in fourth or fifth gear so I have to change the gears sooner than I normally will. If I go more than 65 mph it gets really high so I don't push anymore than 60 mph. After driving it for so long, you quickly notice sounds that aren't normal. So I went to a shop to do a diagnostic, where I specifically asked them to do a smoke test because of it being a EVAP issue but I doubt they did it, and they said the issue was with the purge value and valve cover gasket. I took my car to my independent mechanic and the valve cover gasket was definitely leaking so I fixed that and I fixed the purge valve. However, the issue with the RPM still remains. I checked the hoses in the engine and from the naked eye they seem to be intact without any cracks but of course I may have missed some. What will cause my RPM to act this way?
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