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I changed the battery on my corolla 1999 and followed this drive cycle

and only have the Evap monitor to go. My gas tank is right in the middle so should be good to go.

Though the article didn't say it, do I really have to wait for 8+ hours or overnight and let my car cool down completely and drive it between 45 and 70 miles for 10 inutes again?

Though the above article doesn't mention it, do I have to drive my car between 35-45 for seven minutes?

I'm really confused as to what I need to do to complete the last remaining evap test specifically for my corolla 1999.


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Just drive it. You shouldn't test when it's still warming up. The evap monitor takes longer to be ready.

Are you close to your deadline at this point? If not, I would test it by Wednesday of this coming week. This must not be a daily driven car.
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