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EVAP system problem in '06 Scion

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My check engine light clicked on a while ago, and I just got around to taking it to AutoZone today. The codes that came back were P2419, P2402, P043F, P043E, and P2401, which all have to do with the EVAP system. After doing a lot of research online and seeing this TSB, I'm finding this is a common and pretty expensive problem, and most people are having to replace their charcoal canister plus a few other parts.

Is it okay to drive my car with the bad EVAP system until I can afford the fix, or is this something I need to fix right away? Will it cause further damage to my car? And is this something I might be able to fix myself if I can get the parts?

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Well my 4Runner came up with a code for that also concerning the charcol canister, but it turned out to be just a bad fuel cap, try that first.
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