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Everyone Loves a Lifted Tacoma

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I want a couple of inches on my 08.

1. does anyone recomend the 2.5 inch lift.

2. will i need to correct for any driveline vibrations.

3. any other helpfull advise for 2-3in lift. Thanks......

4. putting 265 75 16 nitto tire.

5. black stock rims?

6. If price is not as big an issue, but high quality is, are Coil Overs the way to go<info>.....?
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Some info on lifting your truck:

As for the Vibration question? Try searching the forum "Vibration" there should be a lot of info.

Welcome to TN!
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Whats a Toca :whatthe:
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Whats a Toca :whatthe:

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