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Thug Engineering ST185's
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yeah the spool is far "freeer" and not got mine dyno'd yet but gains have been known anything upto 15 hp dependant on what your running with the mod...

i had to reset the ECU when i de catted mine as it gave error 34 - over boost !!!

like LOL !

been running fine since

just got to add the other bits i have like the apexi AFC and really go to town on it..

have fun :)


I love Cin
91 Turbo MR2
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You guys are all assuming he has a turbo MR2 ...

Bandit, which type of MR2 do you have?
If it is the turbo, which cat are you referring to?

carcatz, you do not have to reset the ECU is you overboost (hit fuel cut).
You just need to restart the car in order to boost properly again.
Fuel cut kicks in at 12 psi. If you want to run 12 psi or more boost, you need to buy an HKS FCD (fue lcut defencer) OR disabel fuel cut.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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