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A while back I posted about having oil pressure problems exceeding 120psi. Well we solved it it took a while but the problem was the oil pump. The pressure relief valve was working except they failed to
1. machine a place for the oil to dump into rather than into a empty cavity instead of re routing the excess oil back into the oil system. so the oil had no where to go except to blow the oil filter gasket.
2. they have more than one type of oil pump with different oil passages and sent us the wrong one in which I do not know.

Either way we machined a passage for the oil to go back into the system. After looking at the old pump we observed this. It was then that we realized what the problem was.

Either way we re-solved the problem oil pressure now reads normal the truck will be up and running in a few weeks. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup: So if anyone else runs into this problem be sure to compare the old oil pump to your new one and make sure passages are the same or you will be blowing oil filter gaskets like I was. I would like to thank my dad for spending countless hours on figuring this out. Beings my hours of work did not allow me to work on it. And thanks to all here who offered many Ideas and thoughts to help resolve this problem
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