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Excessive steering play + shaking at 60MPH

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1994 Camry 4cyl sedan
I feel like I can move the steering wheel about an inch before the wheels start to actually move, I want to get rid of it!! want that new car feel :p
I dont know what parts are responsible for this so this is what im asking for in this thread, I read somewhere that some cars you can tighten the steering box to get rid of this our cars like this?
Also car shakes violently at 60MPH but drops this off as you near 70MPH,
this related? want to get rid of this too.
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The shaking is something to do with your wheels and tires not being in balance.. and the freeplay you are feeling is more than likely due to the fact that it's a 14 year old car with a 14 year old rack and pinion... there's two gears that mesh up, and over time they can wear out.

damn so have to balance my tires to get rid of shaking?
and just deal with steering i was thinking maybe steering oculd be stiffend with ball joints or tie rods or adjusting the gearbox or something :(
Check your suspension bushings and the ball joints on your tie rod ends. Those could explain both the shaking and play.

which bushings exactly am I looking for thats why I made this thread to know what to look for and fix.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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