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Exhaust and other questions

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I'm nowhere close to getting this stuff yet, but I'm trying to get a list together and start saving up. And I don't even know if all of this stuff is compatible with each other, so tell me if it isn't (but I do know you're not supposed to do the TRD CAI with the supercharger...screw that!). Here's what I'm going with:
1 - TRD Supercharger
3 - Doug Thorley Headers
4 - URD Y-Pipe
5 - URD MAF Sensor Calibrator
Number 6 is going to be exhaust, but I don't know what I should get for this setup. I want duals, and I want it to sound along the lines of the FM 50 Series Delta Flow, not too loud but lets you know it was there. I have a Forza Flow with duals right now, sounds good since I've run it out to the back, but I had turn downs and that sounded awful inside the truck (way too loud). I've heard that it's recommended to get cat-back exhaust if you get the Y-Pipe, but to be honest, I don't even know what cat-back exhaust is, and what that means. I just want something to sound good and will get me that max amount of power flow for this set up. I just want the most beastly Tacoma I can make! :D

Also, I was just wondering...with all this stuff and whatever exhaust you recommend, does anybody know about what would my horsepower and torque be? I'm guessing it'll be in the high 300s if not over 400. It's all going to be going on a 06 Tacoma, TRD OR 4x4, 3" lift, and 32-33" tires. Thanks in advance.
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