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Hi all,

I have a '98 Caldina GT-T (Aerial trim). I'm looking for info relating to the exhaust BPV which sits in one of the tail pipes (butterfly valve operated by motor housed in rear quarter panel).

I noticed that the valve doesn't appear to be opening and remains closed throughout the rev range. A friend who has a similar GT-T reckons it should open between 2.5-3k. I have taken the motor/controller out and tested it with a 12v supply, everything appears to operate as expected and I can only assume that either the ECU is not sending it a signal or the thing is unplugged somewhere further down the line.

Can anyone confirm the rev limit at which the valve opens (and if there are other conditions which affect its operation)? Also curious as to where the thing plugs in at the other end if somebody can help with that.

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Pretty sure the ECV (Emission Control Valve) opens once the engine is running at a certain temp. Even though mine is no longer connected after a dump pipe and exhaust upgrade I still hear a click in the morning after running the car for a short time. Seems to have no bearing on revs?

Also, it's a pretty common problem for them to jam shut in the exhaust (probably thanks to carbon build up?), so many people remove it.
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