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Exhaust Gasket

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Last time I had my '93 Camry in the shop, they told me I would soon need to replace the centre exhaust gasket at the cat. I now need to have it replaced. Awful rumble. Does anybody know off hand if this is any harder than taking out a few bolts at the flanges and replacing the gasket? Is it a dry seal or do I kneed any sealant?
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those couple bolts might need a lot of convincing, but other than that, it should be alright, you should see if your parts store or dealership have those bolts too, you may end up breakign them
A torque wrench can be a man's best friend.:D
11 year old exhaust bolts, it dosen't matter if they were torqued on properly, they're gonna be a pain to get off
Thanks for the feedback. It looks like Wednesday is the night I'll be working on the car. I'll let you all know how it goes.
I worked on it Wednesday night. I got the first bolt off without much trouble, but there was no way the second bolt was coming off. I've almost stripped it so I don't want to force the issue? Any suggestions? I used WD-40 to loosen them but maybe I should try something else. It's a pretty tight spot to try and cut them? I'm almost thinking of just bringing it in and payin for someone else to do it. I dunno...
Have you tried removing the bolts / nuts from the bottom of the car?

Its possible to remove them from the top, but you have limited working space as you found out.
88LE- I had the car up on jackstands and all and couldn't get them them off.

Once we had it up on the hoist we found that the cat, centre pipe/muffler, and muffler are all rotten at the flanges. I need an entire catback exhaust.

Anyone have their suggestions as to what's vailable for the V6?
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