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exhaust piping....

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i've got a gen4 camry and was wondering what the pipe size was for the exhaust. is it 2.5"?

some of you may know that i'll be doing a 1mz swap. is it worth getting 3" piping all the way down into the exhaust or should i just get 2.5" piping?
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Unless your going to be running some major power, I wouldn't worry about the exhaust. Your stock exhaust should handle up to about 400hp or so. Once you get up there, then I would consider it.

But If your going for sound/looks and not just performance, than yeah, I would change it. A good sounding exhaust is always up there in my book.
is there a true bolt on? since gen 3s have a side entry rear box?
you're better off sticking with stock piping size unless you're going turbo or anything like that. otherwise it just hurts because it spreads the exhaust too thin.
amerikim said:
is there a true bolt on? since gen 3s have a side entry rear box?
i hate that side looks so my dad thinks that a catback might be easier for the shop thats gonna do my exhuast than the muffler itself
since ur getting a 1mzfe get 2.5 catback piping and u should be good to go :thumbup: :thumbup:
a94autoCamry, what's the stock piping on the 1mzfe engines anyway? Is it worth going to 3" piping if i'm planning on boosting or s/c later?
Why not keep your exhaust stock now, and then redo the exhaust once you get boosted?

...because you don't really save any money, time or effort by doing the exhaust first. WHen you install a turbo system, you have to do shit load of welding anyway, Just get the exhaust done at the same time you do the turbo in the future.

If you want a happy medium, go for a 2.5" system. Not too big for a stock V6, and not too small if you plan for an S/C :)
i know that 4-cyl stock piping is 2 inch, but i have no idea what the stock piping for the v6 is, i guess its 2.25? :dunno:
cuz mostly, it seems like people that have 4-bangers will change there catback and those v6 guys keep it stock.... but i think 2.5 is fine for a future turbo setup.... ask other people as well tho, just dont listen to me.... :D more opinions the better :)
why didnt you just the the faq?

2.1. What is the stock exhaust piping size?
What is the stock exhaust piping diameter?
4-cylinder engines (5SFE) = 2" diameter
6-cylinder engines (1MZFE) = 2.25" diameter

4-cylinder engines (5SFE) = 2" diameter
6-cylinder engines (1MZFE) = 2.25" diameter

4-cylinder engines (2AZFE) = 2" diameter
6-cylinder engines (1MZFE/3MZFE) = 2.25" diameter from the Camry FAQ.... :rolleyes:
Stick with the stock, no rice pipes, and Supercharge that bitch!
mike if you wanna do it easy, get a junkyard stock exhaust from a v6, but if you are gonna go custom go 2.5 inch
thanks for all the replies and info guys. I think i'm gonna go ahead and do the 2.5" piping then. like all guys said, i'll stick with the medium.:lol:

any other suggestions on the piping?
is it possible to put the v6 exhaust on a i4 camry?
war0827-- yeah, try getting stainless steel piping with mandrel bent if you can..... but its gonna cost more $$$ for this type of pipe + bending...

yota- v6 exhaust on i4? why so that you can trick people that you have a v6 camry?? :D :dunno:
you might be able to fit the v6 exhaust on the i4 if you connect them after the cat... still not sure if the length is the same... i wish i had my old i4 exhaust to check on, but i dont...
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