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Exhaust Suggestions - Technical Question

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Hello All,

I am posting here as the Venza, which I own, is too new to get any information on the Venza board. :headbang:
The exhaust, I believe, is similar the the Camry in that it is has the two headers from the V6 collecting into one (2.5"?) tube which dumps into one LARGE muffler and split out of the muffler to two exhaust tips out the back - for looks only.
I want to replace the factory exhaust from the axle back. Now, from a performance standpoint, wouldn't it be more effecient to have a "one-ball" exhaust - to have the factory tube go directly into one free-flowing muffler and exit through one tube to the rear? This configuration would seem to increase velocity and subsequent scavenging. Or, the other route I was considering is to use a "Y" to split the exhaust into two mufflers to keep the stock locations of the exhaust tips. This might sound better as well but I don't know. I do not want to incur the costs of a complete dual exhaust system.
Do any of you have experience with either of these setups? Street Image did a custom Venza for SEMA with an exit in the middle of the rear but provided no information on what the setup is under the car.

Thanks for reading ALL this and for any information you can provide.
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