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exhaust system

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Hello, ive being reading around and gotten info for an exhuast system for my 93 toyota pick up 2.4 L and couldnt find some answers and hope someone could help.

I got a flowmaster 40 delta and wanna run 2.5inch exhaust from cat back and 3" tail pipe But would the 2.5inch from cat back Reduce my HP alot? Or should i just go with a 2.25 or 2"?

Thanks and any Suggestions would be great.
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Stick with 2.25" max. Unless you have a hopped up 22re it won't need that much pipe. It'l sound worse and loose low end power.

2.25" all the way back to the tailpipe :) Stock is 1 7/8" ish so..
Thanks for the tip, so the 2.25 should be good with no power loss? thats what ive heard from many different forums, and yea my 22RE is just stock.

Thanks for the help.
Yea, 2.25" seems to be the biggest pipe diameter you can go without losing any low end power.

Though once you have modified the motor, it can use bigger pipes..
thanks for the reply it helped me but also how about the top end power? would it reduce this at all?

I wouldn't think it would reduce it but how do i know im not that experienced so any help would be awesome!

thanks again for your replies
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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