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exhaust systems..

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as many of you know the 3.4l v6 does not sound to well with some exhaust systems out there. Im lookg to put exhaust on my T100 but debating on what system to run or what muffler to get. ive noticed the flowmasters sound more throaty and thats the way i wanna go. Im looking for a nice deep throaty sound that does not get real high pitched. please let me know if there is a muffler out there i can buy that keeps my 3.4L deep and throaty through out my rpms
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I know several members here have installed a gibson exhaust. I believe 96 wolf posted a video of his system installed about a year ago. Try searching the forum :)

I personally went with a dual exhaust setup and am pretty happy with it. two high flow mufflers. (I do not know the brand :( ) It was a custom job by a local shop.
when i got my t100 it had a 2 chamber flowmaster and had the cat removed and it was really loud and it sounded horrible so i had a highflow cat installed and it was alittle better but i ended up takeing the flow off and had a thrust 3 chamber high flow muffler installed and its alot better it alot quieter and it still has a really low rumble that i can only hear of the wondows are rolled down i kind of like haveing the option of not haveing to hear my exhaust all of the time
but if you do decide to go with a flowmaster spend the extra money and go with a 3 chamber it takes the high pitch v6 sound out of it unlike the 2chamber
thank you i will go with 3 chamber
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