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Id like to set up maybe a 3" dual set up on my T maybe a 2.5" eather way what set ups do other people have and like, im also looking for a header anyone know any?
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Manual or auto transmission? 2WD or 4WD? ;)
Are you looking to do true duals? If so, then you probably want to keep the tubing fer each side to around 2"... ;)'ll have to do something about the O2 sensors...and catalytic converters. ;)

You can contact and see what they could suggest. Are you looking to add a supercharger in yer future? :D

Are you going to duals just fer looks/sounds? ;)
i have the gibson cat back system and i am happy with it. its not too loud, sounds good for a v6. stainless steel construction lifetime warranty
yea now that i think about it 3" duals would be a little exsesive so yea 2" true duals and they would be more for sound with power as a added benefit rather than main purpose, i dont live where emmisions is an issue so id happily go "cat-less" and what would i need to do with o2 sensors?
Here is a link to help with the numbers. 3in piping is very heavy and requires lots of hd hangers. The larger diamameter pipe the more low end torque is lost. Scroll down to the chart.

My last truck was an 83 chevy with over 400 hp. I had a single 3 1/2" from the "Y" and it was perfect. Everyone said to daul it and I lost 3/10s in the 1/4 mile so I put the old back on. 250 bucks out the window.
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I was talking to a friend of mine that in the past worked at muffler shop. He said to run the normal piping and after the muffler over the axle to run a larger pipe for a deep mellow sound.
that sounds good, i have some stuff coming in the mail this week probley so il mess with it and see what i can come up with, hopefully get some video to post
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