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Extang Tuff Tonno on my XR (pics)

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Just put an Extang Tuff Tonno on my XR. It was 183 with shipping. :thumbup:
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That looks real nice!! How does it fit on the tailgate and the front of the bed? Is there a gap or does it fit flush on it?
Its got a bit of space on the back that is filled with a rubber lip and the front is the same idea but a little smaller. (see pic) The sides however are flush.
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can i ask ya what ya paid for it? where did you buy it? impressed with it?
Well it was on sale two weeks ago for christmas.I got it from It was 183 total with free shipping. Took 3 days to get here. I believe they are on sale right now for 203.95. I like it. Its pretty flush and its much easier than the blackmax since it doesnt have buttons. It was definently worth the price I paid. Install was about 20 minutes and only uses one allen wrench that they provide. easy easy. :D

This is where I got it:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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