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Because of previous discussion and requests for information about extended warranties, this sticky has been created so that pricing and other information is easily accessible. Note: The information that's linked below is located on a remote server, so if you encounter any difficulties downloading the documents the server could be down so please allow adequate time before trying again. Sometimes those things happen....

The following document is a list of dealer rates on extended warranties, as well as a breakdown on what models are in each price bracket. These are actual dealer cost, and if you can negotiate to within $75-$100 above these prices you've gotten a good deal.

Dealer rates on Excel spreadsheet

Dealer rates on PDF spreadsheet

Looking for a dealer to sell you an extended warranty? Click here to see a short list of the warranty dealers most popular with other Toyota Nation members.

If you would like to discuss extended warranty information further, you can post your questions to this 2nd Generation Highlander thread. Also, if you have any comments, questions, or additional information regarding warranties that you think should be amended to this sticky then please send me a PM. Thanks!
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