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extra care gold warranty

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I am picking up my new camry tomorrow and the dealer is trying to sell me a toyota backed extended warranty. My question is this. Is it recommended to purchase the platinum warranty vs. the gold. The platinum is basically bumper to bumper, while the gold is most of the major components.
thanks :)
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Most toyota cars engine compnents are warrentied till 75K (or was it 60 for toyota and 75K for lexus??). I'm a big PROMOTER for new car purchasers to buy extended warranties. I chose the bumper to bumper tho' just make sure that the deductible pricing doesn't go up during your coverage. If you don't want to buy extended warranty thru toyota, there are third party companies that just sell extended warranties. I bought my 3rd party for 1600 on camry v6 xle...and was covered till 98K miles 5 years. Till not i'm on my third stut mound assemblies, third time deck's gone in for service, once o2 sesnsor replacement, driver's window failed. So right now it seems like i over paid..but with my ES, the extended warranty has covered an oil pan replacement, tranny replacement, o2 replacement, cd changer replacement, and what not...So there i lucked out. Any car is luck of the draw....I'd recommend 3rd part warranties (that allow you to take to a shop of your choice) over toyotas' cus they are cheaper. GOOD LUCK!
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several dealers will sell you the Platinum Warrenty (7 years 100,000 miles) over the internet for $8 to $900 that is a good deal, the drive train on New Toyotas is on most parts 36 and 3 years, you can still get the warrenty up to this point, but it is retro active on the term, so if you buy it next year, it goes for another 6 years, check for the dealers I spoke of, my dealer wanted $1700, and Toyota MSRP was $1500 so I busted him and he matched the $800 internet price, this was from a authorised Toyota dealer in Nebraska dn I live in California, so my CA dealer matched it...
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