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extreme dimentions lip kit

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so i saw that extreme dimensions made a copy of the jp lip kit for the gen 5 and gen 5.5. i was wondering if any one has tried these kits out. ive always heard that there fitment sucked.
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i have the ed front lip on my 02. the fitment isn't amazingly good...but then again I have authentic vizage side skirts, and the fitment wasn't great on those either....the lip looks good.....I have some gaps, not very big, and they could be fixed by either hammering my bumper or a lot of work into the lip...I'll be shoving some rubber in the gaps, this is just a daily driver,,,not a show car...

I got the lip for a lot cheaper than i could have gotten the vizage, so I'm ok with it...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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