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F/S: OBX Headers, Whiteline Front Sway Bar

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Items are located in Miami, FL.

Ok, since there is no local interest I will ship the headers to any buyer. Cost is now $250.00 + shipping.

Buyer pays paypal fee.

OBX headers never used. SOLD!!!

Whiteline Front Sway Bar. Used. $75. SOLD!!!

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Errr what cars do these fit?
^ ditto.

Interested if they fit 94 camry 1mz!
From the looks of the OBX box, I'm guessing the exhaust and bar is all for the Camry...

Bummer, I'm in Miami right now...
Sorry, I copied the post from SG and forgot TN doesn't only have Solaras!

They are for a Gen 1 Solara with the 1mzfe.
So it would fit a gen 4 camry.

it will fit the solar, the gen3 camry and the gen4 camry with the 1mz

nobody has confirmed fitment with the es300 yet though
Oooooh. How much would a FSB help a gen 3?
Interested in the headers.I'm in fort lauderdale pm me your number.

Headers are still available.

Asking $275.00 + shipping.
Bump!! Now $250.00 + shipping!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts