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Fabtech or Pro Comp.....what would you do?

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Okay, so way back on November 27th I ordered a Fabtech 6" Performance Lift. As of today, it is still back ordered. So here is what is offereing me:
Their price on this kit is $2455.99
6 in. Suspension System with MX6 Shocks

For: 2005 Toyota TACOMA Part Number: EXPK5066BMX
  • 6 in. Front / 3.5 in. Rear Lift
  • Recommended tire size= 35 x 12.5
  • Knuckle Front Kit
  • Front / Rear Crossmember Kits
  • Rear Block w/ U-bolt Kit
  • Front Coil Overs / Rear MX-6 Shocks
This is the Fabtech kit I am waiting on:(I paid $2145 for it)

6 in. Performance System with Coilovers and Performance Shocks

For: 2005 Toyota TACOMA Part Number: FABKIT629
  • 6 in. Performance Kit with Coilovers and Performance Shocks
  • 6 in. Adjustable Coilovers
  • Rear Block and U-Bolt Kit
  • Rear Add-A-Leaf Kit
  • Extended Cast Knuckles
  • Arched Crossmembers
  • Includes Performance Shocks

What should I do? They are offering me the Pro Comp kit in place of my Fabtech at no extra cost to me.
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Neither one., but for a mall crawler 6" lift, go with FabTech.
Go with procomp and have a dealer do it. They can warranty the lift and then you have nothing to worry bout.
Plus my 6 inch is no mall crawler.
Def go for it man, you are getting an upgrade at no cost and you can have your lift now instead of waiting.
that's my 57 belair wagon
what kind of car are you looking for?
Get out of my thread DA, unless you have some helpful information about the OP.
Hey Thorne... Nice pics. Those 35s? Looks like ProComps
33's with the procomp lift. Its way better than my friends fabtech lift (same truck same, lift height). Plus i've been every place and done all the same stuff by brother-in-law did with his 3" lift
So what are you running in the back MX-6 with or without reservoirs? I tried the MX-6 without resis and I guess I got a bad set cause I hated it. 4WP had to charge it 3 times, and was still way too soft. Felt a beating wheeling it. I trashed it and never went back.
Whoa! That looks like a pretty sweet kit!:clap:

I am only building a Mall Crawler though! I don't have time for much else these days! My Taco is just my winter beater.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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