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I had to boost the 03 Rolla last night at the mall. The wife swears she didn't leave the lights on. ( I would have heard the warning tone) If she didn't leave them on, then I suspected that maybe the alarm was activated and it killed it, but it is supposed to shut off after a minute or so.
There were no physical signs of someone trying to break in. The car was covered in road salt and there were no unexplainable markings. She tried to open the car with the remote, but it didn't work. She then opened it with the key. When I arrived, the security light was blinking faintly and the alarm was on when I hooked up the jumper cables. The keys were in the ignition at that time. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if it was ever turned. I did try to disarm it with the remote, but ended having to use the key in the door lock to shut it off.
1. Is it normal for the alarm to iniate when the battery is dead?
2. If the lights weren't left on, is it possible that another remote may have set off the alarm in panic mode?
3. Does panic mode stay on, or does it also shut off after one minute?
Sorry for such a long post. The battery should be okay, as it started this morning, even though it was only a 2km drive back from the mall.

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people have been complaining about lights turning ON by themselves, I think there's a faulty relay or something. I've seen a few posts about people saying their lights come on and kill the battery. I would check on that first as I doubt the alarm would kill the battery.
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