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I figured I would start a thread for people buying new trucks so maybe it could help them understand the codes. I'll start with a list of what I know.

I'm thinking people could copy and paste this list and add to it accordingly

Factory installed Accessories:
BZ-Standard Package #1
BY-Standard Package #2
CP-Convenience Package
C7-Convenience Package-Valor Tip, Front skid, Spare tire lock, Running Boards
HE-Enhancement Package
SE-SR5 Package #1
SL-SR5 Package #2
OC-TRD Off-road Package
SF-TRD Off-road Rugged Trail Package
FE-50 States Emission
DK-Leather manual case
DZ-CD Player
PY-TRD Sport Package #1
PM-TRD Sport Package #2
TO-Tow Package
LD-Limited Slip DIfferential

Port Installed Accessories:
E5-Exhaust tip,
Z1-Accessory package 1st aid kit, Door sill protectors, Carpet floor mats

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I found online that the DK represents...are you ready for this?...hope you didn't pay too much for it...the little faux leather wallet that holds your owner's manual/warranty info paperwork.

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Z1 -Preferred Accessory Package (Carpet Floor Mats w/ Door Sill Protector, First Aid Kit)

C7 - Convenience Package (Front Skid Plate, Spare Tire Lock, Exhaust Tip by Valor, Running Boards)

DK - Preferred Owners Portfolio

LD - Limited Slip Differential

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I actualy want that leather manual holder thing, Dealers have gotten really cheap they give the paper ones now. Any idea where I can buy one of these, I checked with the parts department and its not something they can get.

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I had an idea it was the leather manual case.

Post edited accordingly. If you feel like adding what everything comes with, go ahead, I don't feel like doing all that right now, I may soon, but most of the main packages are outlined on toyota's website.
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