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factory front and rear skirt for XR

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what up people,
I have a 2003 toyota matrix XR and i was curious to know if anyone knows or if anyone is selling the front and rear skirt that comes stock on the XRS. I'm willing to purchase these skirt peices if they are up for sale. Im located in toronto, canada and it doesnt matter what colour they are. I have a sand pearl black Matrix ...I've just heard that these peices are only available from the dealer and they ask WAY too much for them. If anyone has friends or is selling themselves these peices then i'll definetely check into buying them. Thanks alot.

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Yes, they ask waaaaay too much at the dealer locally. Get em from the States. If you need more info, PM me.
What is the going price for those pieces? I have an XRS and i was looking to get a new body kit anyway.
well , to buy the stock front and rear skirt from the know the ones on your XRS??...well the dealer here in canada is asking just under a $800.00 canadian....are you possible selling yours????? dont matter what colour they are. I have the XR so I already have the side skirt....but if you were to get rid of your front and rear skirts for a reasonable price I'd buy them off of you no problem.....
That's about $640 in U.S dolla's. I kinda seen how much they were from the dealer but it didn't seem like the right price, it's about $850 bills on the U.S side, that's a shit load. If i can find the price for shipping to Canada, i'll roll with it. I'll clean them up real nice with some wax and an orbital buffer. What color is your car anyway? see if this works
Sweet bro.,

Ummmm, if you could do that for that'd be great. As long as they are in good shape of course.... Let me know what you'd want for the front and rear skirts in canadian dollars and we can go from there. I'm not sure how'd you'd want to set up the exchange but i'm out here in Toronto, Canada and your down in cali so, whatever man....we'll work something out. I'll hold my end of the deal for sure if the price is right. But i just have to warn you that if we are to set this up i'd like to have the deal go through for next month. Money was tight this pay.....just bought some 18's so month would be great....but we can set that up. My matrix is sand pearl black(2003).

take care,
can u get me some more info. address, city and such. So's that i can start configuring the info. I'm in no hurry on this end. There is kind of a scuff on the driver side and i had them painted before but right when i was gonna drive off the lot i noticed, big time scuffs on the both sides of the kit. So i had them fix and paint, still under warranty so they took care of it for like 50 bucks. I'll get some pics. pronto so u can have a look-see.
no no rush...but i do want to see what the numbers are....dont worry about the paint....cause i'm gonna have to get it painted to the sand pearl black. Pics would be well use the bottom address for an ideal.

L5R 3R2


I kinda guesstimated on the weight for shipping w/ out having to take them off right away. I'm gonna send it out where i work so it won't be sooo much. As for the payment transaction it could be wire trans. or i have an paypal account or good ol' green. I'll get the pics. up pretty soon. I don't have a usb cable so i can't download them right away. I'll have to have one of my friends do it.
no problem....just out of curiousity....what was the price that your looking for , for the these peices. And can you let me know what your sending if this was to go through.

does the front and rear skirt package come with the bumpers????? I double checked with the dealer and they state that i have to purchase the front and rear bumpers in order for the skirts to fit.

let me know when you get a chance.

names craig by the way.
i just thought what i can do is a wire transfer for sure....that's probably the easiest way to do things on this end. As for the arrangement...i can send you have right away when the time comes and send you the second have when it arrives. I can promise you that i will hold up my end here with paying.
i'm gonna have a naked ass car, for the moment anyway. I have a body kit in mind but i'm gonna go pick it up because it's cheaper. It's only in L.A anyway, it would be nice to get out of fresno for the day and go visit some friends down there. I wanna kinda sell it at a price that will cover the other kit i'm gonna get and it's not too much. I'm thinking of selling it in between $300 or $400 in u.s bills. I've only had this car since April of this year. It only had 400 miles on the odometer. The only thing was wrong was the bad scuff marks as i bought it and noticed right when i was leaving the lot. Again, i'll have to refigure the weight of the kit and see how cheap it can send it.

300-400 sounds good. So you'll basically be sending the front bumpers with skirt peices and rear bumper with skirt peice as well....that definetely sounds good. Get a hard number for me and well , like i said...i'll probably set it up for november exchange if its cool with you. Just let me know whats good for you. I'm not sure if you are buying the kit soon, but is november good....say...around the 15th???? let me know and i'll keep in touch. If its possible could you find out what the total cost would be in canadian dollars...if not then i'll check myself after you supply the cost details....thanks alot.


do you have any photos of the scuffs????
The battery went dead in the camera and i didn't think of that. I'll have to get the camera back and get some shots.
no problem, i cant' imagine that the peices will be more than should go with that to find out what it would cost for freight. When do you think you'll find out about the price you'd sell it for...i may be able to get it to you sooner pending on the cost your to could ship it using my Fedex acct here at work that way you dont have to worry about shipping cost. I can pay my company off here on my end. All you'd have to do is get the money transferred to your acct, which is no problem of course. If you let me know what cost of the peices will be then i can maybe get the money to you by the end of the month.....just let me know what your thinking.....
That's like the easiest way to go, good suggestion. I'm not sure how to go about getting the weight other than taking everything off. As for the scale i don't know if it matters what kind i use to get a accurate reading. I don't think i can get any type of weight or measurement off of any site. Unless i hit up the forum and see if anybody knows. By the way the name is Xris:cool:
let me call the dealer right now and get an idea as to how heavy the front and rear bumpers are in order to get an idea of weight.....most couriers or transportation companies have a general price for 0-60lbs on and so forth but let me call them and find the weight and let you really wont make a difference because i'd be paying for the freight so its really for me to know....let me know where it'll be shipping from ( and i'll get a quote for the shipment based on weight and peices etc. I'm assuming it'll be two maybe three peices to ship at no more than 70lbs....can't imagine fiberglass weighing that much but i'll check.....then all you have to do is take it off send it using my fedex acct number and i'll wire transfer the money for the actual peices.....can you let me know what your shipping??? should be only

- front bumper with skirts
- rear bumper with skirt

Thanks alot Chris....appreciate your help on all this....

let me know what your thinking of selling the parts for if you have a solid price that way i can figure out when i can get you the cash....dont worry about the frieght , i'll handle that.
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I'll probably be shipping it from work, i'll have to customize some boxes here. I have my friend who does the actual shipping manifest's but i need to get some international shipping documents to ship it from here via fedex, correct. I'll try to get it into 2 packages, unless u want it totally disassembled. let me know. then all i really need is the weight.
which ever is easiest for you.....honestly it doesnt matter....I'm not sure but is there any hardware to be shipped with it...??? or do i just use my stock clips from the XR. I know the bumpers on the two models (XR and XRS) are compatible so i'm assuming i can use the same clips. But as far as the documents go there are a couple custom papers or international papers to fill out but your friend should know all about it. But as far as packaging....i guess to make sure nothing happens use some kind of bubble wrap or something....last thing is to have them damaged, but whatever is easy for you chris. assembled or disassembled. Like you said, all you'd have to do is find out the weight, and i'll send you my fedex # in order to ship it. Well , all i need is to find out how much ya want to sell these for....I can almost guarantee you that it'd be better for me on my end to have this all done in the first two weeks of november....but i'll wait to hear as to what you want to sell them for then we can go ahead with all the vital info to ship and wire transfer etc. I think It'd be best if you or myself were to call each other obviously with all the proper info regarding this....but you will be shipping the parts directly to my work address. I'll wait to hear from you as to the price then we'll set up a date to do the transaction. Chris, its really awesome of you to consider selling this to me....i've been looking everywhere for this and at least i can help you as well on some cash so you can get your new body kit???? by the way what type of body kit are you looking to buy??? you'll have to send some pics when its done. Anyhow PM me with the price and what not and well email that to you soon bro....

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Anytime in the beginning of Nov. is cool. I'm gonna go with $400 U.S or $503.5 in CAN but the lowest i'll go to is $350 U.S or $440.56 CAN. I hope i did that conversion right???????What u think? On the front bumper i took out those black fill-ins on the sides of the fog lights, though that was a couple of months ago. I attempted to use a mesh screen but it's little hard w/ out taking off the bumper. So i'll send those if u want them. I also put a mesh grill over the existing stock grill where the fog light are located i'll take that off as well. So the only thing i need to get is the Fedex acct# and which particular service of delivery u want. It's a good thing i have net access at work only because my home comp. sucks. Anyway, get back at me.......:thumbup:
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