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Factory Oil Pressure Gauge

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Oil pressure in my son's 95 4Runner with a 3VZ-E starts out in approximately the center of the gauge. As the engine warms up the pressure indication drops to where it is less than half way to the first graduation while driving and barely noticeable when at idle. Have not yet replaced the sending unit. Ideas?
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I second the extra numerical gauge, at least temporarily.

There are 3 types of indicators for the dash:
The idiotlight,
The gauge,
and the idiot gauge!

You are looking at an idiot gauge that is not displaying much useful info. I learned about this when I installed a coolant temp gauge in my Toyota. The aftermarket gauge actually moves wih the engine temp, and is not "damped" to show a happy gauge sitting in the middle of the gauge's range.

Also, I have a bit of experience with old V8's, and many start with about 40psi when cold, but drop to 10psi in summer heat with no engine failures.
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