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Factory Radio Q

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hi again, well the camry is coming along real good, did the whole maintinence thing, got new tires, went to the pick n pull and got a couple of inside door handles, a pass side mirror, and some other goodies. my question is this,my camry doesnt have a radio/stereo, and i have a toyota factory radio with cassette that looks like it goes in this '91, from what ive seen on the web. where the heck can i find the harness that fits this stereo? the stereo model# 86120-1285c then serial # 8504577 walmart has these harnesses from a company called schoche (something like that) and on the pkg it has toyota vehicles '81 and up! the harness has two plugs just like the stereo, dice, close but no cigar. can someone point me in the right direction? thanks in advance guys.
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You shouldn't need an adapter kit if this is the right factory radio for your 91. The kits like you see at Walmart are intended to connect an aftermarket radio to the Toyota factory connectors already in the dash. The wiring and it's connectors to plug in to the factory radio should already be in the dash. Look around under the dash for them. Someone can correct me on this if I am wrong.

In addition, I believe the correct part number for the radio you have is 86120-12850.

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