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Today I installed the factory Sirius kit to my ’07 4Runner.:clap: I ordered from an online, di$counting dealer. As part of the purchase the box says to contact the dealer for install instructions. He faxed over the printout from Toyota.

Some observations: It was a long but easy job. The instructions which look identical to a download from the TIS site were terrific! I cannot believe the time & money Toyota spent on all the little stuff… The quality of the trim clips and interior panels is simply awesome. The instructions were an 8.9/10.

It's evident the 4Runners were designed to need very little service and when they do it can be done anywhere by almost anybody. It's truly a world-market vehicle.

The Sirius sounds great and works well. As others have stated about the factory Sirius or XM, the text is limited. (I chose the factory kit rather than the superior aftermarket players because I wanted “factory”. I like having no wires and a setup that anyone can use without being an electronic wiz or reading the book.)

Overall I would encourage anyone to use the TIS site to get the instructions and don’t be afraid. (It's only $10/day)

Toyota rocks!:clap:
TIS website =
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