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Factory Sub

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Has anyone heard the factory sub?

My little bro has a 10" Infinity Sub (the one with the built in amp) in his 3000GT and it sounds good enough to me.

From what I read its a 10" 100 watt sub by Bazooka. I just don't want to waste cargo space in the back thats why I am considering it. If its the same as the Infinity then I'll most likely get it.

Um... I plan to buy from and install it myself... the car should be pre-wired already am I not correct?
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I would call the dealer and ask them to be sure. I do know that the headunit is Pioneer. I think the sub might be Bazooka...
It's a rip off to get it from the dealer, you can find a way better deal from an audio specialty store....
I know its cost around 400 if you get it with the car, but if you buy it from it would cost about 1/2.

Yes, the HU in the tC are made by Pioneer and that sub works with it, since if I remembered correctly its 160 watts. Maybe 100 watt for the sub and the rest for the other speakers.

The reason why I think its prewired is becasue if a car has that option usually it would be wired so that if for some reason you want to add it in the future the service department guys wouldn't have to bust balls just to put it in.

Like the auto dimming mirror, even if I didn't add it on now I can add it on later and play 1/2 the price.

My main question is if it sounds good (comparable to what?), since they didn't have one to show me at my local SCION.
i drive a 2004 echo hatch... as far as i know the echo Hb also have this 10" sub as factory option... but when i was custom making my trunk... i can't find any pre wiring for subwoofers... so... u might want to double check in ur car before u make a move to purchase those subs... otherwise u might be stuck with getting someone to install it for u.. .which then may cost u more than getting it done at a audio specialist
EchoBee said:
i drive a 2004 echo hatch... as far as i know the echo Hb also have this 10" sub as factory option... but when i was custom making my trunk... i can't find any pre wiring for subwoofers... so... u might want to double check in ur car before u make a move to purchase those subs... otherwise u might be stuck with getting someone to install it for u.. .which then may cost u more than getting it done at a audio specialist

Thanks for your input I'll keep that in mind. I did some research on your car, looks like now it only comes in 8" for yours.

I couldn't get a detailed picture on the sub in the echo though.

Next time I go to my SCION dealer I'll check out the trunk.

I did not see any prewiring for the bazooka sub in the scion, there is a spot in the back of the head unit for xm radio though, that I do know, I would have to say that getting the factory sub will not save you much headache and I don't know what kind of bass quality you are looking for but one ten just won't do it for me..... however of course if you opt for an aftermarket amp and subs you will need a rca converter which will cost about 25 bucks.
I am very impressed with the pricing on the scion tc accessories at the website that RanMap posted

Take a look if interested. Plus this person has another site to get parts:

I find these very helpful.... so I guess no prewire... the harness comes with the sub.
Hello all. Maybe I can clear up a few misconceptions about the sub as it appears I was one of the few who took the bait and ordered it with my Tc.

Being a former IASCA competitor years ago when the "sport" was emerging (SQ under 600, not one of those SPL maniacs), I made it a point to "visit" with the tech for a bit during the installation. Be warned: the Tc DOES NOT come pre-wired for the sub. I was surprised by this, as the 12 foot harness for the sub would have been so easy to install at the factory. Because a considerable portion of the interior needs to be removed to fit the harness, I waited nearly SIX hours for the tech to install my sub! It was his first, so that might explain the long wait while he wrestled with what I thought were excellent written instructions.

After all was said and done, the tech presented me with the finished product. The sub was installed, but the tech said that he couldn't fit my Scion cargo mat beneath the sub enclosure and simply rolled up the right side of the mat that wouldn't fit under the sub and left it. This looked pretty tacky, but I was in a hurry (remember SIX hours) and had little time to complain.

Before leaving the dealership, I threw in a few reference CDs to demo the new sub. The sub sounded okay, but the bass became very muddy at higher volumes. I set the output level to around 50% and decided I would finish tuning in my garage as opposed to the dealer's parking lot.

After some more listening on the way home, I was less impressed with the sound coming from the sub. The EQ presets on the head unit were useless. The only useful setting was SSP Neutral. The others sounded like garbage.

After arriving home, I took a closer look at the sub. It seemed after only a cursory inspection that the enclosure was awfully loose. Having the very same instructions the tech used, I decided to remove the sub and re-install with hopes of getting that surplus cargo mat under the sub where it belonged.

I removed the grill cover, then the driver itself to access the two bolts inside the enclosure that held the sub in place. To my dismay the 13mm nut and gasket were HAND TIGHTENED. Yes folks, I removed the nut with my fingers. Not good. I'm certain this loose nut was allowing air to escape the enclosure, certainly affecting its output. The second 10mm was tight, but just barely. The good news is that no special tools are required. A regular 3/8 ratchet will fit in the enclosure to remove these nuts.

After removing the enclosure completely, the cargo mat slide under the enclosure with room to spare. I was thrilled, because my trunk area looked great with everything in place.

Some interesting observations: There is a medium size circuit board inside the enclosure. It's much larger than a crossover, but a bit too small for an amp. I could only see the bottom solder points of the board, so I have no idea exactly what functions the board performs. The molex connector for the sub includes speaker input AND output leads. This would seem to indicate the that the sub might have a high pass crossover for the front and rear speakers. More on this in a bit.

I re-installed everything in reverse order, ensuring those nuts and rubber gaskets were tightened and snug against the inside wall of the sub. After everything was connected, I fired it up and did some more subjective listening.

The sub sounded SIGNIFICANTLY better. The Bazzoka sub is a 10" dual voice coil running at 2 ohms. It also includes a sizable magnet assy, weighing probably 20 lbs. That said, it IS a capable sub for this application. I tuned the level a bit more, but was still a little disappointed with the "boominess" of the sub. I cut a piece of 1/2 inch fiberglass mat using the speaker grill as a template and placed it over the sub's somewhat large port using the speaker grill to hold it in place. I listened some more and BINGO! The sub sounded GREAT. I was able to play everything from Tool, Rush, Sting, Alice In Chains and one of my favorite reference CDs, the soundtrack from "American Beauty" with only minimal adjustments to bass and treble. All the SSP presets were useable as well. Well, depending on the material of course. The sub also blended in pretty well with the rest of the soundstage. The door speakers never sound over driven with bass. I suspect the sub does include crossovers for the fronts. I was very pleased with the outcome. Some more tuning with my RTA should get everything sounding excellent. All said, the sub worked great for the $450 I spent on it. It also integrated VERY well with the interior.

Sidenote: I discovered that my center console was mysteriously scratched to sh*t when I got home from the dealership. After showing my sales person the problem, he offered to replace it no questions asked and placed an order for the parts before I left the building. No harm, no foul. Well done, Scion.

So, to summarize (man, did this post get long fast!):

Great integration
Great sound after some fine tuning
Good at moderate to high volume levels
Low price?

Scion installation (you might fare better than I)
Requires fine tuning to get the most out it.
Bass can get ugly at high volumes
Sub must be removed to access spare tire

After a week of contemplation, I'm VERY happy that I ordered the sub. It's a convienient, capable bass solution that doesn't look silly in the trunk of your Tc.
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Is the speaker enclosure sealed or ported?

I guess the next logical question would be if any company such as Q-logic had any plans in making there own similar enclosure that would allow for the installation of any sub you wanted and for less money?
damn that was a long a__ thread.
useful info tho. cool.
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