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factory xm radio sound quality

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Hi I have XM radio in my 05 avalon. It is factory installed. I noticed the sound quality is much better on fm then on xm. It almost seems as if xm is coming in as an am signal not a stereo sound. It does not sound horrible just not near as good as the fm. Anyone else see this?
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I have the exact same problem on my 05 with XM sounds almost like the signal is mono sometimes
agreed. I wonder if anyone with a newer model has this issue. I also wonder if there is a fix.
There is nothing wrong with your cars. The only fix for this issue is to not use satellite radio. Satellite radio has an average bitrate of 34kbps, with the actual quality of a single station changing depending on content and popularity. Keep in mind that a LOW quality MP3 file is 128k.

Also keep in mind that there is a set amount of bandwidth that Sirius or XM has to send signals down to earth, so the more channels there are, the lower the overall quality. From what I have read, they have roughly 5000k to split amongst all channels.

I had a Sirius receiver for a while, and canceled my subscription because the ads on commercial FM were far easier on the ears than the overall quality of satellite. I now have an HD-Radio receiver. HD stations broadcast with between 96 and 300k, meaning the worst HD station has almost 3 times the quality of satellite. There are a few stations that sound a bit cheezy (although still better than FM), while most have passengers baffled that I don't have a CD playing.
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