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Fast Chirping (Keyless Entry Beep)

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I have noticed on the new Gen 6 Camry, the beeping when you unlock the car has a very fast continuous beep (when you press UNLOCK twice), the pattern goes:


I thought this was just a Gen 6 thing and that the keyless entry was upgraded but then I noticed it on several of the Gen 5 Camry recently, it had the same pattern.

On my 2006 LE, the pattern when you press UNLOCK twice goes:


Does anyone know why this is?
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Gen 5 > Gen 6, 6.5

Does it really matter though? i mean...does it really affect your life that bad that it beeps a different way?
Gen 5 > Gen 6, 6.5

Gen 6 > Gen 6.5 > Gen 5! :clap:
Gen 6.5 SE & Hybrid > Gen 6 > Gen 5 > Gen 6.5 [except SE & Hybrid]

More Specific =P
keep it on topic.. please.
that delay was inserted in there to differentiate between the "first" unlock and the "second" unlock. in a loud environment, the continuous/consecutive chirps will make you wonder "did i press it twice?", and you'll end up pressing unlock again.

It was just a general question and I thought it would be appropriate to ask because I was curious. This was not about as to which generation is better, I already stated that I have seen (or heard) several of the Gen 5 Camry beep in that same pattern.

Could it possibly have to do with the enhanced VIP security system that was installed in the car? Because I know I do not have that in mine.

And for the record, it shouldn't matter as to which generation is better. The fact is that a Camry is a Camry, no matter what generation or body style. They have been the best selling and longest lasting cars in America for over 10 years, and I am damn proud to own one. :thumbsup:
^you're right, but this gen5>gen6 thing is just us messing around. haha. the vip and vip+ don't determine the rate of the chirps.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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