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Fast idle. Too much fuel or too much air?

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Hello everyone,,
I have an 86' 22r and all of a sudden it is idling really high, just like when it warms up; but hitting the gas doesn't help anymore. I don't know too much but I'm learning. Does this sound like an issue of too much fuel or too much air?

Fast idle cam? Also the choke opener seems to be sticking. Someone suggested a sub diaphragm on the carb, as they tend to stick. What does a sub diaphragm do exactly?

All vacuum lines are attached, and I also noticed that the vacuum line to the choke opener makes no difference when unplugged. I've been researching and I have a feeling the sub-diaphragm and the choke opener are the same thing and they control the fast idle cam linkage. Just want to check with tho pros before I go tearing into something I don't know. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks.
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