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Hi everyone!
I just got the cams seals, alternator belt, fan belt, and timing belt replaced on my '87 2.8L Cressida. It was driving fine for a day. This morning I started it up and it was running fine for about 10 seconds....then it made some weird sounds and just stopped. Now I can't start. I pop open the hood and I notice the Fan belt is on backwards and the timing cover housing is broken and I can see the timing belt!! I did diagnostic code testing and got this signal:

Flash....1.5 second......Flash.........(then it starts the sequence again)

so there's 1 flash, then 1.5 second gap, then 1 flash. Does that mean it's a code number 11?
I've been unable to find a list of codes and their meaning on the internet. I'm not mechanical, but I just want to be informed before I take it back to these mechanics and tell them: hey you #*(@*# up my car.
I'm pretty sure it's the timing belt, but it could just be a coicidence that the cover is broken really bad and the fan belt is on backwards (just signs of incompetence).
I hate wasting money. Anyway, I love my car otherwise.

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The codes are two numbers. One number is flashed and then 1.5 seconds passes then the next number is flashed.

Code 11 comes up as “Loss of power to ECU.”

Problem areas
Ignition switch/circuit
Main relay/circuit

Was the wiring to the ECU or a relay circuit damaged, a fuse blown, when this event happened?

Make sure the timing belt is not broken; check to see the distributor rotor is turning. Timing belts have been know to break then cause damage, this could be the reason the cover is damaged.

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here's some info about the MKII supra with the same system as the MX73 cressida you have.

What kind of weird sounds did it make?
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