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I have searched everywhere for a similar problem and I was unable to find anything. Here'goes:

Just bought a 2009 Highlander Sport. I noticed that the display screen (the one above the navigation that displays time and what not) is kind of faded looking. It looks like it has a white filter over it and the screen flickers a little bit. I can see everything I need to just fine, but its kind of an eyesore.

I'm assuming heat damage/bad solder or something. A replacement screen I found online was $300. I'm all about fixing things by myself. I'd rather try and mess with it then go pull one off a wrecked one and hope it works better.

I'd say that its like having scratched sunglasses. You can see out of them and they serve their purpose, but its just not perfect.

If anybody has any information that would be great.


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Sounds like the LCD is faulty, if you want to try and fix it you could pull the module, then take it apart and see if you can get a part number on the actual LCD part, and try to desolder it find just the crystal online and solder in a new one??
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